The Sick and The Well – Music Video Shoot

The Sick and The Well, Scapegoat, heavy-metal, Max Brooks

I am going to have to be vague about some of the details of this project since it is still a work in progress. Basically this is a new band concept called “The Sick and The Well”…. It is very heavily based on story and visuals. The project initially started prior to Covid and spawned into what we are working on now. Singer, producer & songwriter Kit Walters is at the helm with guitarist Spencer Bensch. The line up is completed by Dan Hits on drums & TJ Banks on Bass… and yes, myself.

All of us have been playing together since high-school, with the addition of TJ. Scapegoat (1999-2011) played a reunion/farewell show in Jan of 2020. We then felt like that chapter was finally closed and we have moved onto a new chapter. More details to come soon!! The video was shot by Max Brooks who has been working closely with us on TSTW.

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