A Taste of Jersey – Garden State Comfort Foods

Say what ya want about Jersey…. but their food is amazing!  I spent my youth growing up in The Garden State rooting for The Giants and idolizing Springsteen. However, more important than that are certain comfort foods I can NOT leave without eating.  Here are my top favorites! 

  1. Taylor Ham, Egg and Cheese – A true NJ staple. The war over the name is even legendary. South Jersey says it’s called “Pork Roll” and North Jersey “Taylor Ham” … Regardless, it is delicious. Most often served on a fresh made bagel with ketchup, salt and pepper. I like mine with mayo and hot sauces (not a ketchup fan). I can’t really describe Taylor Ham, it’s a thing of its own.  Noda Bodega has a signature sandwich of mine so snag it there! 

  2. White Castle –  Ahhhh yes, the tiny delicious sliders that rip your guts apart a few hours later. When I was a kid I called them “rat burgers.” 😜 The employees don’t really care what you do in there, so bring a beer if you want. Also, I am not vegan anymore, but their impossible burgers are amazing too! 

  3. A slice of pie – Not all pizza is created equal but it is hard to find a bad slice in Jersey. Everyone is held to high standards and no one has time for garbage pie. Every township has their best or favorite. Famous Ray’s in Verona, NJ is what I grew up on.  Bring on the Italian sausage, onion, garlic, oregano and tons of Parmesan cheese. 

  4. Italian Food (In general) – Whatever your favorite dish is, they got it. I personally love Cavatelli (small pasta shells) al dente, in a cream sauce. Chicken Parm is another one of my favorite staples 

  5. WaWa – The best service station food I’ve eaten. Famously known for their sub sandwiches. Sheetz and QT can take a back seat.  Good coffee too! 

  6. Dirty Water Dogs – Hot daawggg cart or truck, Sabrett’s or Nathan’s. Served out of hot water with whatever the hell you want on it.  A popular combo is fried potatoes, peppers and onions, served with deli mustard on a hoagie roll.  I also fancy hot peppers and onions.
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