Brain Fallon at Neighborhood Theatre 02/19/2022

With The Gaslight Anthem on indefinite hiatus, lead singer and Jersey native Brian Fallon has taken his solo show on the road. Brian Fallon & The Howling Weather performed at Neighborhood Theatre 02/19/2022 to a full house.

Fallon has released 3 solo records after The Gaslight Anthem’s 2014 “Get Hurt” LP. My favorite of which is 2016’s “Pain Killers” … This is not his first stab at non-Gaslight material. Fallon and guitarist Ian Perkins formed The Horrible Crowes and released “Elsie” in 2011, also another great record.

Fallon played a well-rounded set with crowd favorites from his solo records (see attached setlist). He took no time getting back on the road after many COVID cancellations and setbacks. He has also made it very publicly known that he will not perform Gaslight songs. With humble smirks, he strummed his Fender Telecaster (reminiscent) of NJ legend, The Boss.

Thank you to John Brady, MaxxMusic and all the fine folks at Neighborhood Theatre

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