Alright… So I shall pay respect to my first born. I have owned a Marshall 1960b 4×12 since 2001. It has seen 48 states, been dropped, set on fire, thrown in tour vans and trailers, and had beers splashed on it.¬† “the most ruggedly built ones out there and are designed to take the abuse of hardcore touring. That’s why you see so many used ones that are battered on the outside, but still work great and sound great.”¬†4 Celestion G12T-75w Speakers, 18/8 ohms and 300watts. For 21 years not a single issue!¬†
Now, I have been hunting down one of these highly coveted Orange PPC 4×12 cabs for a few months. If they come up for sale (I found) they are either tour worn beat to hell OR attractively¬†priced to sell in hours. I scoured¬†eBay, marketplace and Reverb religiously obsessing¬†over this cabinet.
This¬†classic full-sized ‚Äėstraight-front‚Äô 4√ó12‚Ä≥ cabinet is beautiful with¬†basket weave vinyl, woven speaker grille cloth, signature ‚Äėpicture frame‚Äô edging and 18mm Birch ply construction.¬† The real champions are the highly sought after tight response of the four Celestion Vintage 30 speakers in a closed-back shell. 240 watt¬†/ 16 ohms.¬†
Downside… She is big and heavy. I will def be installing some casters on this. She was born in the UK…and traveled safely through a blizzard from Indiana. Welcome to your new home! ¬†ūü•įūüćä ¬†#PPC412
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