Makers Mark Women’s Bartender Competition @ Billy Sunday

I absolutely love working with Sarah, Kevin and all the folks at Maker’s Mark. All of their events are amazingly fun, delicious… and yes, drink responsibly!! 😜

In honor of Women’s History Month alongside the history of Maker’s Mark this event was dedicated to all the amazing Women in the industry. Makers Mark co-founder Margie Samuels  is the reason most folks buy their first bottle of Maker’s Mark and Bill is the reason they buy their second. The shape of the bottle, look of the label, signature red wax topper and even the name itself are all thanks to Margie.

Each bartender made their own signature cocktail. I wouldn’t want to be a judge!!  All of them were amazing. At the end of the evening SC Baker (IG @theCuckooChanel) took home the judges’ choice.
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