The California Takeover – SNAPCASE – EARTH CRISIS & STRIFE

In 1996, Victory Records released an iconic live album called The California Takeover, which featured recordings from a three-band bill in L.A. that boasted Earth Crisis, Snapcase and Strife — three of the most popular and influential hardcore bands of the Nineties.

This show was rescheduled due to COVID and I decided to travel to Town Ballroom – Buffalo, NY. I have been very vocal about SNAPCASE.

It was Tremont Music Hall 8/28/1998 – within the first 15 seconds of “Caboose” I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. I was like “I wanna do THAT”… two months later I assembled a band. I ripped off my early guitar style from Jon & Frank. I’ve driven through Buffalo, NY blizzards in Brian Rayfield’s Mom‘s minivan and begged Nancy Ball to skip Thanksgiving in Jersey and drive me to Brooklyn. I head-walked and stage dove my way past security. Aside from glassJAw and Converge, Snapcase is only band that brings 12-year-old mini me out of retirement.

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