Pretty Reverend Machine

First off I would like to thank Ken, Tim, Zak and the whole Reverend Guitars family. They have been taking care of my crew since 2017. Such an amazing company!

Shortly I will be happy to announce a new music project. For this project I needed a solid, specific guitar. It needed to hold tune and sound good in drop B tuning . This is often a hard task unless you play baritone specific guitars. I am not really into those models or 7-strings.

I exchanged a few emails with CEO Ken Hass about humbucker selection. I wanted the meanest high-output pickups they had. He suggested the Railhammer Chisel, delivering a fast attack and superb clarity. Perfect for drop tuned modern metal. PERFECT.

Next, yes, let’s be honest… I am a stickler for looks. I really wanted a Les Paul style (Roundhouse) or a double cutaway (Sensi). I also prefer 3×3 LP style headstocks over in-line-6 Fender style. After Chatting with¬†Tim Korenich about inventory I stumbled upon the Robin Finck Signature model. You might have heard of some of his bands??? such as Nine Inch Nails or Slash’s replacement for Guns N’ Roses “Chinese Democracy”

Much like myself, I don’t have much use for a tone control knob. This guitar is all shred!! One Volume knob and a bass contour knob. When played through my Orange TH30¬†+ PPC 4×12 I have to roll back the bass contour knob a bit. It’s almost too much low end. With my Marshall¬†JCM900, I just crank everything wide open. This no-nonsense, all-business guitar will crush your leads!

Lastly I replaced the cream humbucker rings for black ones as well as the toggle switch.
I thought all black on white looked cooler. Lead Guitar Tech John Zenz set the guitar up with super low action (no dead frets or buzz) B F# B E G# C# tuning and 54-12 gauge strings.  His signature is hand written on the back headstock with Serial#

If you are sick of the corporate brands that have been around since dinosaurs, then check out Reverend. “Well Played” – They rock!

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