He Is Legend – Riffs & Dogs – New Brookland Tavern 11/21/2022

Wilmington, NC’s Hometown heroes closed out the first run of their tour at The New Brookland Tavern on Nov 21, 2022. They are supporting their new masterpiece “Endless Hallway” – their first post-covid record following 2019’s White Bat.

They blasted into the set with White Bat and kept it rocking all the way through.  They played an eclectic set spanning their whole career.

As we all know I am a gear nerd so I chatted up lead guitarist Adam Tanbouz after the set as singer Schuylar Croom enjoyed some hotdogs.  I attached some gear photos. Basically all EC1000’s with mojotone 44 magnum in the bridge HB… Adam was not super concerned with neck HB. Toggle, split coil modification. Mesa Dual Rec + 4×12…. 11-14-18-36-48-70 in drop C, then for the super low tuned AGCFAD/GgCFAD 76 for the low string

Check out some photos on this page. I also posted a few reels to my instagram account.

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