Last Pedalboard Build – I Pinky Promise

I always say this is the last time I will rebuild my paddleboard. However, this time I got it pretty darn close to sitting on my needs. Everything is neatly loaded on a PedalTrain Pro Pedalboard With Touring Case.

I had been looking at loopers and pedal switchers, but the more I delved in, the Earthquaker Devices -Swiss Things was a better suit for me. After quiring one I had to map out my signal chain. It consists of essentially three loops. You can see the diagram…
Another game changer was the Digitech Drop pedal. This pedal allows you to switch tunings without switching guitars which is very helpful because I play from E standard all the way down to drop B. I was skeptical, but it tracks Note for note very well, and it does not sound artificial.
I also ditched the Digitech Whammy for an EHX Pitch Fork and Dunlop DVP5 expression pedal. You can produce whammy sounds by using a TRS cable, and it doubles as a volume pedal.
The last  would be the Donner Soph-Gate. They are a newer, lower-end pedal maker, but they make great products. In all my years, I’ve never used a noise gate like this. It’s super fast and great for high gain guitar playing. The settings are very versatile. They are currently not making them. The pedal also boasts boutique pedal graphics.
On the bottom side, I upgraded with two power supply bricks, all individually powered. Between that, and the Swiss things and Soph-Gate, there is virtually no noise. I carefully wired the underside, grouping the power chain separately from the signal chain.
  • EarthQuaker Devices – Astral Destiny (Delay)
  • EarthQuaker Devices – Swiss Things (looper + Boost)
  • Walrus Audio – ColyChrome (Flanger)
  • Electro-Hamonix – Pitchfork Pitch shifter
  • Dunlop – DVP5 Expression & Volume
  • Mojo Hand – Swim Team (Nirvana style Chorus) 
  • Electronic Audio Experiments – Limelight (OD & Boost)
  • Digitech – Drop (downTune Pedal) 
  • Electro-Hamonix – PolyChorus (delay/flange/chorus/weird sounds)
  • Boss – DD5 digital Delay
  • Boss – PH-3 (Phase shifter)
  • Dunlop – CryBaby Wha
  • Donner – Noise killer
  • TC Electronic – Tuner
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