“The Grunge Grail” – 1969 Competition Mustang

Well, I have only wanted this guitar since I saw it on MTV back in 1991. The infamous “Smells Like Teen Spirit” music video 1969 Fender Competition Mustang with matching headstock. The actual guitar sold for over $4.5 million at auction last year. The guitar was taken out of tour rotation after being smashed into the soundboard during a brutal show at The Dallas Trees Club October 19, 1991. It has been said to have been played during the In Utero recording sessions.

But… this is my April 1969 CompStang – All original (except the nut). Very clean – You can see the cool checkering and the aged paint. It also has the coveted purple burst around the edges. The neck feels a bit thicker than the 7.25″ radius re-issues. Lastly, the vintage electronics sound great through Orange and Marshall.

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