The ‘BoogieWoman’ Guitar & Rig Rundown with Adam Tanbouz – He is Legend

Last week I took a beach trip down to Wilmington, NC for some riffs and a rig run down with Mr. Adam Tanbouz, lead guitarist of the infamous He Is Legend. I’m a gear nerd but Adam blew my mind with his meticulous intricacies. Every guitar setup, album recording and live show – years of a man truly perfecting the craft!

Most of our conversation centered around overall tone… clean tones with a dash of modulation. Mojo Tone humbuckers, and where/when to implement his split coil mods. Guitar intonation, speaker selection and gear reliability. He had a methodical purpose for everything and it was great to hear his insight into “why”?

A few weeks prior I (half) jokingly, asked Adam to sell me one of his modified fiddles. To my surprise he replied “I’d be willing to part with one of my EC-1000s. It’s the guitar I used to track all the low tuned songs on White Bat and Endless Hallway. Loaded with a Mojotone 44 Magnum bridge and Black Magic in the neck, also has a split coil mini toggle that I put on all my guitars” – Well he was right “it’s a bad ass guitar, built to destroy”. 70-11g custom Bouz Dunlop strings, tuned CGCFAD.

Some insights into our conversations regarding the Mojo Magnum Adam stated “the 44 magnum bridge is just the perfect combination of power and high class tone, usually you gotta choose one or the other. My guitars all had different bridge pickups until I played the 44, then I was like oh shit, I’m going to put this in everything I got. It slams hard! ceramic magnet and it clocks in around 21k where as most pickups are around 8-16k, and yeah the split coil is so necessary to really open the guitar up”

Me personally… I am super stoked on this guitar! It had opened my eyes to tones of new tonal qualities. It is like having a satan sounding shred guitar – then you flip the split toggle and can produce Tele and Strat sounds.

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