BJ Barham – The Evening Muse – 04.24.2024

BJ is no stranger to openly admitting his life’s trials and growth. I’ve had the pleasure of considering him a friend for some time now – and can also closely relate to the transition from Rock N’ Roll Touring Musician to full-time Father.

His solo shows are something special. It’s more like “Rock N Roll Story time” with songs. The shows at The Muse are also a bit more intimate. A club that gave American Aquarium an opportunity in their early career. I was present for the SOLD OUT 7pm show in NoDa.

During this set Mr. Barham showcased some new AA tunes and belted out some classics – All accompanied by an often stand-up-comedy-like backstory. Topics covered, NC State sports, his endorsement of Dukes Mayo, redneck families, sobriety and family life with his daughter Pearl.

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