Rock N’ Roll Shirt Hoarders – Volume One (1991 – 2011)

My one daughter yelled from the storage room “Hey dad, there’s 2 more boxes back here!!” – bringing the total to 8 bins. As I gazed out over the floor covered in shirts my other daughter said “Dad, you look really deep in thought. What are going to do with all of these?” I knew there were a lot but I had not placed my eyes on some of these in a decade. The sad part was that I know at least 2-3 more full bins went MIA in 2008-ish.¬†
I come from a long line of compulsive¬†collectors, my Father and Grandfather passed it to me. We could never just have one… we need the ENTIRE set. It all started with those early concerts. Billy Joel, Green Day, Snapcase – I always wanted the shirt like a badge of pride. So this collection spans roughly 1991 – 2011. It didn’t help that I spent the better part of 20 years in a van loading in/out of music halls – picking up tour gems along the way.
You can visually see my music tastes over the years. 90’s rock, Grunge, Punk, Hardcore and Metal. I know there are some holy-grails in there. Oddly enough, I can remember every show or event associated¬†with each individual shirt. People have pressed me to sell for years but the weight of my youth’s¬†memories keep me tethered to these treasures of rock n roll.¬†
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