Which movie scared you the most as a child?
I always thought Freddy Krueger was going to jump out of the toilet when I used it. Pet Cemetery and most anything by Stephen King.
Who is the last REAL rockstar?
Lemmy would probably be the cool answer to give but I’m going with Freddie Mercury.  He conquered a lot of odds, commanded the stage and didn’t care what people thought. He also (in my opinion) has the best voice in Rock.
Most offensive food item to you?
Spinach. I can eat weird stuff like anchovies but def no spinach
Your favorite guilty pleasure children’s movies to watch with your girls? 
Monster Inc movie-wise and I like some of the Billie Eilish songs.

What are some of your most notable musical influences? 

Nirvana made me want to start a band, they will always be my #1. That band got me into Black Flag and punk rock, which changed my life. From there I really got into more hardcore like Converge & Snapcase. Glassjaw was a perfect bridge between a lot of it. I also love older stuff like Sprintgeen and The Allman Brothers band.
Favorite food and why?
Asian dumplings. If you put them in front of me and I’m not even hungry, I’ll still eat my weight in them. I also have a dumpling tattoo on my leg
Biggest take away from 2020?
I didn’t slow down until Covid. I slept for a few hours each day and never took time for myself or my passions anymore. Work, Dad-mode, sleep, repeat. However, family and my closest friends became of utmost importance. I could go on, but there were some many things I thought I couldn’t live without. Now I realize what truly matters.
Where would you like to retire?
I want a treehouse, log cabin style, in the Appalachian mountains with a hot tub.
Hands down!  I spent a lot of time in the woods as a kid and the mountains are my happy safe space. I’m not a beach person.
What would be the most important lesson you would teach your daughters?
Hard work and brutal honesty. When you are truthful, faithful and passionate things seem to fall into place. You make your own luck. Shoot people straight and treat them the way you want to be treated.
If you were stranded on a desert island what 3 things would you bring?
WIIILLLSSOOON!!  haha, I would definitely want my Fender Mustang, solar power generator, and vinyl stereo setup.
If you could be an animal, which one would you be?
Call me Michelangelo, I am going with a turtle. If I was not digging things I’d chill inside my shell. Living slow and steady.
Favorite drink?
Gatorade all the time and Fernet Branca for party time. Def an acquired taste But in moderation I love it and it makes my tummy feel better.
Your one wish for the World?
I know it probably sounds cliche.. but for everyone to get along. If you take religion and politics out of the mix it simplifies things a lot. I have friends of all backgrounds with very different views and opinions, I love them all equally. As of lately things have been so divided. Left vs Right blah blah. It’s getting exhausting. I’ve been lucky to travel a lot and experience other cultures. Good food, drink and a smile goes a long way.
Favorite Tattoo?
I mean, they are kind of like a roadmap of my life. I’ve been getting them since I was 18 years old. They all pertain to a certain part of my life or memory. I’ve never lasered anything or regretted them. I have my dog Charlie riding a Harley on my ribcage. That is cool
If you could’ve been born in any era which would it be?

Late 20’s. Something about the whole speakeasy prohibition time period is glamorous to me.


If money was no object what would you do?

Work half the year and travel the globe with my friends and family the other half. I don’t like fancy cars and lavish material things. I like stamps in my passport, making memories and the photos to prove it.

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