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Kurt Cobain Signature Mustang VS 2002 Competition Mustang Reissue

$4,500,000 was the final closing price for the infamous “Smells Like Teen Spirit” music video guitar at Julien’s Auctions. Well, since that is ridiculous, here is my replica! A 2002 Japanese¬†¬†1969/1973 reissue, Ocean Turquoise, Competition¬†Mustang with matching headstock and racing stripe. The¬†bridge pickup (on both guitars) was swapped out. A Seymour Duncan 1990’s Hot Rails on the 2002 and a SH-4 JB on the Cobain model (stanard from¬†Fender). The horrible stock Fender bridge was swapped […]

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The Great Pacific Northwest – A Nirvana Pilgrimage

In memory of the 28th anniversary of the death of Kurt Cobain I revisited photos of my trip to Seattle and his home town of Aberdeen, Washington. Aberdeen – Kurt & Krist Home Town1) I am not sure if anyone would willingly visit the economically deprived town if it were not some sort of fan pilgrimage. From Portland we took an hour detour off the I-5 to the small logging town of Aberdeen. After years

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So you might have seen Kurt Cobain’s infamous “Sky-Stang” from the 1993-1994 In Utero tours. Most noticeable on the MTV¬†“Live and Loud” performance. There were 3 of them in total. The first had a white Seymour Duncan JB humbucker, the other two were black. All three had a sonic blue finish with a red-tortoise pickguard. He also had a Fiesta Red model named “Orang-Stang” Being the nerd I am, I really wanted one of these.


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NIRVANA Vinyl Collection

This post was inspired by the¬†Vinyl Carolina Facebook group I am a member of. So… I don’t collect or fanboy over bands. The only band I was ever obsessive with was Nirvana. They just came along at the right time in my life. They helped me discover myself and punk rock at a¬†very young age. Here are some vinyl I have collected through the years. Some of these are signed. My 7″ Sliver sleeve was

NIRVANA Vinyl Collection

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1996 Fender Jagstang Paint Job + Humbucker Install

I have had this 1996 Kurt Cobain signature model Jagstang since I was in High School. I have bought and sold a lot of guitars along the way but this one was never up for sale. They were only issued in Fender Sonic Blue and Fiesta Red and produced 1994, 1995‚Äď2001, 2003‚Äď2005. Most folks prefer Sonic Blue (as did I) but they became increasingly rare and expensive. I called upon by buddy Rob Broyhill to

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