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Alright… So I shall pay respect to my first born. I have owned a Marshall 1960b 4×12 since 2001. It has seen 48 states, been dropped, set on fire, thrown in tour vans and trailers, and had beers splashed on it.  “the most ruggedly built ones out there and are designed to take the abuse of hardcore touring. That’s why you see so many used ones that are battered on the outside, but still work …

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Orange Amplification, Orange Crush Pro 120, Rockerverb III

Orange Crush Pro 120w Head – Review

Alright so I am going to preference this post with the statement “I am an ALL tube British amplifier guy” however, this solid state Orange Crush Pro 120 is amazing!!  I snagged this off Facebook Marketplace for a few hundred bucks and I am blown away! I know there is a large group of Orange Amplification fans who are puresits about vintage gear and tubes… and I am cool with that. That is how I am with Marshall Amps. …

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