Mexico – Overseas Traveling During a Pandemic

I don’t like material things. I like stamps in my passport and the photos to prove it. Hence, Covid has been hell. I like to leave the US as much as possible. My very good friend invited me to Mexico 🇲🇽 why not? These American Airlines FF points are just sitting here. So a few things….

Flying during Covid is no joke. Masks on the flight the whole time, paperwork, etc. but once I got to Mexico it was a free for all. Pandemic? What pandemic? At the resorts and hotels they have illusions of safety. The staff with triple plexiglass masks and hand sanitizer. But once you get into town, business as usual. 
We did some fun stuff… It was really beautiful at the resort. Tulum was a nice history lesson, swam through a cave 45-feet underground and Playa del Carmen was a free for all. However the worst scramble was the illusive Negative COVID test. The resort Covid people had wrapped up testing for the day. If you are unaware you NEED a negative Covid test 72-hours before coming back to the USA. No negative test, no entry!  Our taxi driver took us to a few spots, no luck. Finally we found a clinic off the mainstrip doing testing. And yes, it was legit, QR scannable and CDC honored. 
So if you are planning on traveling during COVID… make sure you read all the rules and regulations on the countries you are traveling to. They are ever changing and it can be a headache. 
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