Mindshift – Backlight 26L Camera Bag

My whole life my father and most of my colleagues have all used Lowepro camera bags. I decided to branch out for a new bag after a lens fell out of the side of my Lowepro. The fact that this Mindshift bag loads from the backside, (which presses against your back) was very appealing. It seemed like much less error for things falling out, which proved to be true over the past year. It also doesn’t look like a camera bag. In my travels throughout the years, I realized people love to steal camera bags or unzip them from the front while you aren’t paying attention.

You can obviously configure the inside main compartment however you want it with the comfy nifty Velcro pads. I was able to fit two full frame bodies, two zoom lenses, two prime lenses, a speed light with diffuser, two battery chargers with eight extra batteries and my memory cards.

There are two other compartments. One fits my MacBook Pro perfectly. The other compartment fits the charger, my flash sending units and other accessories of the trade. You can also clip a tripod to the outside.

Some other cool features would be the bottom compartment, that holds a fitted rain covering for the whole bag. The heavy duty waist strap allows you to flip the bag around, take out your gear and rattle off some shots without bending down or putting the bag on the ground. You can put a bottle of water and other accessories in the side compartments.

Sorry Lowepro, I’ve found a new love, check them out!

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