The Orange Micro Terror

So basically my entire life I’ve only played metal and hard rock. I’ve had my trusty Marshall JCM900 and 4×12 cab since 2002. I’ve used that for basically every live show and recording session ever since. Due to this wonderful pandemic, rock ‘n’ roll shows have not been happening and cranking up the Marshall every day to jam at my house is a little bit overkill, so I was looking for something smaller.

I always wanted an Orange Amp so when I found the micro Terror it sparked my interest. I know what you’re thinking, a 20w head with one 12AX7 preamp tube & two 8inch speaker cabinets. I drove down to Spartanburg, SC and plugged it up in this gentleman‘s garage. To my surprise, holy hell!! The seemingly micro set up could definitely keep up in a rehearsal room. If your drummer isn’t beating the hell out of his drum kit this amp is loud enough to cut through the mix.

As far as tone, it definitely has that signature orange sound. Very bright, kind of scooped mids, but a solid clean tone. When you crank the gain up it definitely has a nice dirty tone. Other side notes, very easily transportable and Built just a solid as the other orange amps I’ve played through. 1/4″ headphone out, 1/8″ line (iPod/MP3 player) input.


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