Furnace Fest 2021 – Birmingham Alabama

Imagine stepping back in time to the early 2000’s hardcore / metalcore scene. That is exactly what Furnace Fest 2021 was. Now I can barely sit through a 4-band show anymore… Let alone a 7-hour car ride to Birmingham Alabama and 4-days of non-stop chaos. Some of the bands on this festival have not reunited in 10+ years. Not to mention some of North Carolina’s MVP royalty were on the bill (Hopesfall, Beloved, He is Legend, Bloodjinn, CodeSeven & Taking Back Sunday)
Initially I was hesitant to attend due to endurance alone. But if you are a fan of this style of music you basically had to go! It was literally back to back bangers of all the bands you could want to see. This festival was postponed once due to COVID so it was a long time coming. They did a great job of organizing this and everything went smoothly. My only regret was I didn’t have more time!!
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