Orange Crush Pro 120w Head – Review

Orange Amplification, Orange Crush Pro 120, Rockerverb III

Alright so I am going to preference this post with the statement “I am an ALL tube British amplifier guy” however, this solid state Orange Crush Pro 120 is amazing!!  I snagged this off Facebook Marketplace for a few hundred bucks and I am blown away!

I know there is a large group of Orange Amplification fans who are puresits about vintage gear and tubes… and I am cool with that. That is how I am with Marshall Amps. However, I wanted that Orange sound BUT forking over $2000 for a Rockerverb iii  was not in my budget. If you close your eyes, you will be hard pressed to tell a difference between the two amps (in my opinion)

This amp is 120w… so pushing it through my Marshall 1960 4×12 cab is louder than hell. I did not think it would have enough natural amp gain, WRONG!! She chugs, she shreds!  I just run a Donner “Noise Killer” and the dirty channel is clear and not noisy (unless you want noise) Because you can definitely get that from this amp.

The clean channel is beautiful. Very crisp and warm. The amp has 3 built-in reverb functions. When you turn that up on the clean, it’s wonderful. You can also use the Orange FS-2 Dual Function Footswitch to switch between clean/dirty/reverb.
So in closing, I am very happy with this purchase. My JCM900 will always have my heart but this is a nice change of pace with a different tone. I would highly recommend it to even seasoned guitar players!
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