We Sing With our Heroes, 33 Rounds Per Minute

What could make a Plaza Midwood bottle shop even cooler? A vinyl Record store, that’s what! Years ago when I found out Tip Top Market was adding Premium Sound to their space I was super stoked. I mean, my favorite bar (Hattie’s Tap & Tavern), Tip Top Market and Premium Sound, all in a row?!?! Yes! At the time I lived literally right behind the building. This was convenient and addicting at the same time. I was rather impressed by the selection. It was almost like they had my iPod in vinyl form. Yes, my iPod… I still rock it and love it.

In terms of selection… it is no secret I am super into punk, hardcore and metal. Premium always had the bangers, like the records you can’t live without. There were also rarities and bootlegs peppered in there that I had never seen. The other kicker was they had a lot of Nirvana LP’s I’d only seen online or overseas. And if you didn’t grab them then, they were gone! So someone out there is a super nerd like me.

Like in most cases, you don’t know what you have til it’s gone. Last week I was informed the store would be closing. From what I was told, they will possibly be opening in a different form. Whatever they choose to do I wish them the best! I snagged a few last LP’s I had my eye on, to the likes of Converge, Earth Crisis and Aberdeen Washington’s finest. Thanks for helping me add some gems to my collection!

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